About Me...

As with many life stories, mine began to change after experiencing some difficulties along the way.

There appears to be a ‘spiritual gap’ in our lives. Many people I speak to believe in something, or have at times in their lives felt that something is missing and have asked ‘what’s it all about?’ I believe that there is a power beyond our understanding that wants us to be happy, more peaceful, more loving men and women.

It is through my learning and choosing to change my life that I came across many teachings about spiritual psychology and various metaphysical thought systems. I loved and embraced the idea of finding a better way of living my life. Finding something that would help me deal with the challenges in my experience of the world, helping me become a more loving person, towards myself and others. Although I am far away from being enlightened, my footsteps are becoming a little lighter!

This journey of self-discovery lead to me being accepted to train as an interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor, then being ordained in 2001. As an Interfaith Minister, I am very open to all faiths, traditions or religions, or indeed to those who hold no specific belief at all.
Maybe together we can find a way of living in the world that helps make our lives a little happier, that we may smile more often.

I am based in the East Midlands and I look forward to work together in producing something deeply nourishing and profoundly moving.

Love and blessings

Kerry Corden Interfaith Minister    Tel: 01636 816168    Mobile: 07792 103228