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Whatever our beliefs, ceremony is a very powerful way of integrating, honouring and celebrating personal commitments and special occasions.

The purpose of a wedding is for couples to consecrate their intention, purpose and vision, and to anchor their love. It is a powerful statement, to our family and friends, of a commitment to each other. It is also a legal process.

The usual practice, for your relationship to be recognised officially in law, is to attend a Registry Office, then have a wedding blessing, either on the same day or soon after. Or you can arrange for a Registrar to attend the ceremony elsewhere, providing the building is licensed to hold weddings.

Some venues may not have a licensed room big enough to hold all your guests. Therefore, after an intimate civil ceremony, a blessing ceremony can be held to include as many guests as you like - provided the room is big enough! It can be also held anywhere, the room doesn’t have to be licensed.

A blessing ceremony provides a unique and unforgettable opportunity to create an authentic reflection of who you are as individuals and as a couple.

You may already be married and simply wish to hold a ceremony to recommit to your vows, or to include a blessing as part of an anniversary celebration.

Engagement Ceremonies are a wonderful way to express your love and commitment to each other; they can also be included within a celebration.
Ceremonies can include elements of practices from various traditions and faiths, even if you have no set religious belief but would like to celebrate in the way that just feels right and comfortable for you.
You may have a special place you wish to use; such as at home, a woodland glade, a mountain top, hotels, castles, on board boats etc. There are also many private chapels that are available for hire.

As an Interfaith Minister I will work with you to create a moving, nourishing and personally meaningful occasion, to suit you and your partners wishes.

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