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FuneralWhatever our beliefs, be them spiritual, religious or indeed non-religious, a ceremony, in any form, is a powerful way of honouring & releasing a departed loved one from our lives. A carefully planned ceremony provides the opportunity to create an authentic reflection of who the person was as an individual, of their achievements in life & a celebration of their life. It is also a fundamental part in the grieving process.

As an Interfaith Minister I am happy to help you create a personalized ceremony that is specific to your needs. It can be as long, as you feel is right, can include contributions from anyone that would like to be included & can be as spiritual, or not, as you would like it to be. Elements from different beliefs can be incorporated into the ceremony, along with favourite pieces of music, readings or any other personal preferences.

Funeral services are usually held in a church or crematorium, followed almost immediately by the cremation or interment. A service can be held at the graveside, or in the crematorium chapel. Some churches don't have burial space, but there are civic & private burial sites, often in beautiful places, where ceremonies can be conducted.

DovesMemorial ceremonies may be held almost anywhere & as with any ceremony, can be created especially to suit your wishes, beliefs & specific requirements. Memorials are particularly helpful when it has not been possible for everyone to attend the funeral.
A ceremony can also be arranged to accompany the scattering of ashes & be held in a special place.

I aim to provide for you a personal & meaningful ceremony, dedicated to suit your wishes. Please call me anytime with any questions you may have.

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