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Most parents, whatever their circumstances, would like to celebrate the birth of a child in a meaningful way that is special to them.

It is a wonderful opportunity to gather family and friends together to celebrate the child's arrival, to formally give the child its name and to state openly your own commitments to the child.

You may want certain friends or relatives to share in the upbringing of your child as 'sponsors' or Godparents and for them to make their commitments public, according to your personal spiritual beliefs.

You may want something formal or very informal such as in a chapel, in the open air, a large hall, somewhere meaningful, a beach, or even afloat.

Most established churches have a set form for their baby naming. This respects their traditions and generally welcomes the child into their particular rites. There is usually relatively little flexibility in what they offer.

You may have a mixture of views and beliefs between you - either because you were raised in different faiths or your own ideas don't really match an established church. You may want to create a ceremony without any “religious connotations” or perhaps because you aren't married, or this is your second marriage etc.

Ceremonies can also be created to suit very special circumstances. For example, a Service of Adoption to celebrate a different kind of new life, a ceremony for older children, in which they themselves will hopefully want to take part in its preparation - often with modern themes, can also be arranged.

Often after a period of personal soul searching, a service of Adult Baptism or Dedication can be created.

For parents who belong to different religious traditions, the source material from their own faiths can be integrated to produce a ceremony that still respects the integrity of all concerned.

As an Interfaith Minister I will work with you a to create a moving, nourishing and personally meaningful occasion, to suit your wishes.

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